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I am Jenn, a creative optimist with an interest for minimalism, coffee and the freelance lifestyle.

My Top Money Saving Tipps

Whenever my friends and I spoke about ‘being grown up’ we thought we’d definitely be there by 30. I mean to be 30 years old – you have to have your shit together right? Well, what does that even mean? 

Minimalism – 3 things you can do today

I usually don't like to label myself, but I guess when it comes down to it, I might be considered a minimalist. Now for me this doesn't mean only having 100 things in my possession, it means only having in my life what I either need or like. Not more. Whenever I went...

How to travel solo and not feel alone

I love traveling alone. Stepping into a new city for the first time and knowing that I can explore whatever I want, however I want - getting lost, being alone with my thoughts is just one of the greatest things in the world. But also it can be very lonely at times....

Book Review – Stuffocation by James Wallman

The topic of minimalism has become more and more popular in the last few years, everyone loves to "Marie Kondo" their life. I have always enjoyed tidying and sorting out, to have too many things has always been stressing me out, especially since traveling around the...

My Top Money Saving Tipps

When I was younger I loved to think about what my life would look like in 5 or 10 years. Whenever my friends and I spoke about 'being grown up' we thought we'd definitely be there by 30. I mean to be 30 years old - you have to have your shit together right? Well, what...

My Top Tipps To Plan Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is stressful. This is no news to you? Well it was for me. I knew that it CAN be stressful, I just thought that if you approach it in a really relaxed way it would be a breeze. But no. In the end you are still organizing an event for friends and...

How to make YOUR 5 year plan.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney So much can happen in five years, the possibilities are endless. I often get overwhelmed with dreams and plans I have for the future, which leads to procrastination and ends in me...


When I decided to try out a freelance career, I considered quite a lot of factors. Will I earn enough money? Where will I find customers? What do I want to offer them? How will I offer my services to them? How much should I charge? And many, many more.

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