This is it…

… at least this is the plan.
Since a couple of years, really ever since ‘everybody’ had a blog I wanted to have one too. I started a few already as well, but it just never seemed to be the right time or place or whatever for me to live out my creative writing wish. But this time it is different, it should be, it will be.
I have always been a girl of many talents, or no talents at all, whichever way you wanna put it. If someone would ask me what my passion is I would probably answer something along the line of: ‘Don´t know, everything a bit I guess’. This is how it has always been for me. I am a generalist and envy specialists. How amazing must that be, to really be into that one thing that you love and spend all your spare time with that. But I am not like that and after trying almost every hobby there is to see if one of them sticks I just had to accept the fact that there is not that one thing for me. So lets put it in a positive way: ‘I am open for anything, I enjoy almost everything and I will never stop exploring!’

So let me give you an overview of what I have done so far, at least of the stuff that I feel right here right now worth mentioning.  Travelling: yes like, I guess, most of the generalists in this beautiful world this is actually one of the things I am very (if not most) passionate about. I travelled through Australia and New Zealand after finishing school. I must say, it was one of the best experiences in my life so far, those countries are beautiful and the people are amazingly friendly and nice. Since I returned from there I could never really – how would you say that.. sit still. I mean I studied for four years in Lüneburg which is a tiny town (ok it is not that small but it surely felt like it) south of Hamburg. Since I could not just stop half way through I had to find stuff to keep my mind busy. So I started the following hobbies: drawing, painting, sawing, photography, longboarding, hockern, building stuff, playing basketball, swimming… And I continued the ones I already kind of had: playing the piano, the guitar (which I started learning in OZ), film editing, snowboarding, writing….  WOW someone could say now. You did all that? Yes but lets face it, I was still studying and also working, so obviously I could not really get very good at any of my new-found passions.

So I started to make a plan, to find the real sense in life, best thing to do now, move to London after finishing Uni. And this is where I am now. I have my Cultural Studies Bachelors degree in my pocket and live in one of the most amazing Cities that I have ever been to. And this is more or less what this blog will be about. Me living in London, finding myself and continuing to explore anything.

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