My favourite place

IMG_4300After I finished work today (yes I worked on a Sunday) I went to my favourite Sunday-place in London: Brick Lane. I just love the atmosphere, the people and the food. I live walking distance from the market and ever since I moved here I love to go to the market whenever I can. It is just the best Sunday ritual, whether it is after just waking up Continue reading “My favourite place”

How to plan travelling

Clouds PlainThere are a billion different ways to plan your holidays. You can book a year in advance or go last-minute you might want to travel all-inclusive or plan nothing in advance. Which way to choose is really up to everyone individually. Unless you travel with someone else. I have always been a big fan of travelling solo, I just love the feeling of conquering the world by myself, being independent and having to compromise with no one. But I also know that solo travelling can be lonely, so I ended up planning a long weekend in the British Continue reading “How to plan travelling”


I think there is a certain age for everyone when Birthdays stop being only amazingly awesome and start being also creepy (for some more than for others) in a ‘my life is coming to an end’ kind of way. I know I might be a bit over dramatic in that way, but for me that was quite early, from when I was 19 years old I did not really want to get any older. After all, I was old enough to realise that getting older from now on will only come with taking on more responsibility and having to act all grown up. So since I was travelling in New Zealand on my 20th Birthday I decided to do something extreme and jump out of a plane, which was great. But that time is now already long behind me and this year another creepy number had to be celebrated. Twenty-five. I am proud to say I managed to stay somewhat ‘young’ and ‘wild’ I would say. So how better to prove that to myself then with jumping from a bridge? This is me jumping from a bridge in Scotland:
IMG_0467-(ZF-7799-20225-1-007)After surviving this near-death experience my friends and I  decided to take a little road Continue reading “Birthdays…”

Have you met…

… Jenn? Yeah, hi, this is me, again, this worked out very well, the whole plan to post regularly… Yes I did write a lot the past couple of months, put I never hit that mean little button that says ‘Publish’. There we go, the old self-critical Jenn is back, being convinced that nothing is good enough to allow other to read or see it. So my approach has to change now, just a little bit. This blog is not gonna be perfect, it is gonna be me. Show you what I do or not do. One of the posts I prepared in the very beginning was this:

You know, I have this idea. For a while now it was my dream and now I felt ready for it. I will write a blog. And now? Now I am confused and totally overwhelmed. I read many Blog posts about ‘How to best right a blog’ and ‘What not to do in your Blog’ and I still don’t know what to do. I guess it’s gonna be a lot about practice and trying out different things. So here we go, lets see what I learned so far: Continue reading “Have you met…”

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