Have you met…

… Jenn? Yeah, hi, this is me, again, this worked out very well, the whole plan to post regularly… Yes I did write a lot the past couple of months, put I never hit that mean little button that says ‘Publish’. There we go, the old self-critical Jenn is back, being convinced that nothing is good enough to allow other to read or see it. So my approach has to change now, just a little bit. This blog is not gonna be perfect, it is gonna be me. Show you what I do or not do. One of the posts I prepared in the very beginning was this:

You know, I have this idea. For a while now it was my dream and now I felt ready for it. I will write a blog. And now? Now I am confused and totally overwhelmed. I read many Blog posts about ‘How to best right a blog’ and ‘What not to do in your Blog’ and I still don’t know what to do. I guess it’s gonna be a lot about practice and trying out different things. So here we go, lets see what I learned so far:

1. Don’t write too much about yourself.
2. The shorter the better.
3. Photos.
4. Lists  (oh there we go I already got one)
5. most important: stay yourself.


bike 2This is my bike, ok yes it is MY bike but this is really not about me, it’s about the bike. Actually now that I mention it, even though biking in London looks like the most dangerous thing in the world, for me it turned out to be a lot of fun and the best transportation ever. Its cheap (at least my bike was cheap as you might be able to tell) and flexible and oh yeah if you have one of those you have the hipster effect and you can pretend to be all cool and stuff.

Ok done, not exclusively about myself, got a little photo there and it’s short.
Well I see I still have a lot to learn, but I am working on it and I already have an amazing idea for my next post.. whaa exciting!

Never published up until now, I still think, considering the whole: I am still learning and I should be less perfectionist thing, this is a good start.


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