I think there is a certain age for everyone when Birthdays stop being only amazingly awesome and start being also creepy (for some more than for others) in a ‘my life is coming to an end’ kind of way. I know I might be a bit over dramatic in that way, but for me that was quite early, from when I was 19 years old I did not really want to get any older. After all, I was old enough to realise that getting older from now on will only come with taking on more responsibility and having to act all grown up. So since I was travelling in New Zealand on my 20th Birthday I decided to do something extreme and jump out of a plane, which was great. But that time is now already long behind me and this year another creepy number had to be celebrated. Twenty-five. I am proud to say I managed to stay somewhat ‘young’ and ‘wild’ I would say. So how better to prove that to myself then with jumping from a bridge? This is me jumping from a bridge in Scotland:
IMG_0467-(ZF-7799-20225-1-007)After surviving this near-death experience my friends and I  decided to take a little road trip. And I must say folks, Scotland is beautiful. It was February when we were there, so it was half snowing and half raining, but man Scotland is pretty.

IMG_2902We had our Base Camp in Edinburgh where I most enjoyed the old part of town and the fudge. On the Road trip then we saw Highlands and the Loch Ness, it is ‘nature pure’ as my mom would say and I loved it.
So having said that I have to admit, Birthdays are not that bad after all, they remind me every year again, that it is time to try, and see something new and not to get stuck in old routines. And after all, there is always cake:IMG_2970


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