How to plan travelling

Clouds PlainThere are a billion different ways to plan your holidays. You can book a year in advance or go last-minute you might want to travel all-inclusive or plan nothing in advance. Which way to choose is really up to everyone individually. Unless you travel with someone else. I have always been a big fan of travelling solo, I just love the feeling of conquering the world by myself, being independent and having to compromise with no one. But I also know that solo travelling can be lonely, so I ended up planning a long weekend in the British countryside with a friend of mine. The idea was easy: 4 days away from hectic London in a little cottage in the middle of nowhere. But the moment we started planning it I realised: this is gonna be different, different to how I usually travel and different to how I picture the weekend in my head. She likes to plan everything in advance, and when I say everything I actually just mean how to get there (hire a car or take the train) and the accommodation. If it was just me, I would just jump into the next train, see where it gets me and find a place to sleep. So I had to adjust to her way of doing it, since after all I think it is a good way, I just can’t do it like that myself. For the relaxed weekend we want to do it might even be the better approach to plan the major things ahead, and in the end it is probably also cheaper. But it is hard for me to decide upon a Hotel or Cottage from pictures on the internet or reviews from people. Every second thing I see is perfect for me, so how should I know which one to pick? I end up leaving most of the planning to my friend. Which I feel sorry for since I am leaving her with all the work, but if I would do anything, I am sure she would have to do it over again anyway, because I did not see something or did not do enough research.
So how are you planning your holidays? Have you ever had a situation like mine?



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