A weekend in the british countryside – Bourton on the Water

IMG_4468 - Kopie
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my difficulties in planning to travel. I wanted to go on a ‘Country Side Adventure’ with a friend of mine and had to leave most of the planning to her as it is really hard for me to decide on a Hotel or even Town before being there.
I just returned for this trip and it was amazing. The planning my fried did for us paid out! The Bed and Breakfast we stayed in was so cute and just a little stroll away from the town centre.
But lets start at the beginning: We took the Underground from London to Heathrow Continue reading “A weekend in the british countryside – Bourton on the Water”

How to communicate colourful

IMG_4313Communication is everywhere. Me writing this blog post is a form of communication, the guy smiling at you in the train is communication and your boss telling you off is communication. What all these situations have in common is the fact that some kind of information is being exchanged, which, to be honest, does not mean that both sides of the communication understand the same message. The guy in the train definitely smiles at me because I have something in my face, or my hair looks weird and he is laughing at me. My boss shouts at me for no reason and therefore is a jackass. This is my side of the Continue reading “How to communicate colourful”

How time is the limit and the answer

IMG_4306I just watched the movie ‘Lucy’, Scarlett Johansson latest release. Even though it was slightly too ‘scifiy’ for my taste and especially the end was crap, parts of the movie really got me thinking. One message of the film, as I understood it, was that the only thing that really matters in life is the time that we spend on this earth. Things like how much money I have or how many square meters my house has are not important as these are human made units and play no role in the bigger picture. The human invented those units to make the complexity of the world understandable and tangible, but by doing that also set Continue reading “How time is the limit and the answer”

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