How time is the limit and the answer

IMG_4306I just watched the movie ‘Lucy’, Scarlett Johansson latest release. Even though it was slightly too ‘scifiy’ for my taste and especially the end was crap, parts of the movie really got me thinking. One message of the film, as I understood it, was that the only thing that really matters in life is the time that we spend on this earth. Things like how much money I have or how many square meters my house has are not important as these are human made units and play no role in the bigger picture. The human invented those units to make the complexity of the world understandable and tangible, but by doing that also set himself limits. These borders cause us to live the way we live, which might not be the best way. The movie ‘Lucy’ indicated that the world which the human has created is not benefitting reproduction, but rather self-destruction. Our lifestyle, it is how we have been raised, to always want more and want it quicker. Even in University we learn: a good economy is a growing economy. But how far is it supposed to grow? Is there a stop sign somewhere? And are we gonna recognize it as such or are we going to ignore it?
Since no one knows what tomorrow brings we have to live life now and enjoy every minute of it. I know that this is true, because it is what my mum keeps telling me, and my mum is always right. We should not chase all our lives for something bigger or more. We should learn to treasure and enjoy what we have and make the best out of everything.

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