Broadway Market – London

photoIn my last blog post I mentioned how much I love the Markets in London. Today I went to Broadway Market, it was amazing.
The perfect time to go to the Market is when you are hungry. I went for an early lunch (some might call it brunch) after having a nice and lazy morning in bed. The Broadway Market is walking distance from my house, but if you have to get there by public transport – no problem, the stations Bethnal Green, Hoxton or Hackney Central are all not too far away.
The best days at the markets are the ones when at some point the sun comes out. I have to say even though we are talking about London, this happens more often than people would expect. Today was one of these days, so I stopped at one point with the sun in my face, listening to this great street artist singing ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’. Life is good.

My usual market-routine involves going around once to have a look at everything, trying to make up my mind on what I want, not being able to make a decision,  go around again and just stop anywhere and get something random that looks good. Today I had a veggie burger which was very yummy.
I took some photos of the delicious food choices there are – look! Doesn’t this just look tasty?

IMG_4366IMG_4370 IMG_4372 IMG_4369 IMG_4375

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