A weekend in the british countryside – Bourton on the Water

IMG_4468 - Kopie
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my difficulties in planning to travel. I wanted to go on a ‘Country Side Adventure’ with a friend of mine and had to leave most of the planning to her as it is really hard for me to decide on a Hotel or even Town before being there.
I just returned for this trip and it was amazing. The planning my fried did for us paid out! The Bed and Breakfast we stayed in was so cute and just a little stroll away from the town centre.
But lets start at the beginning: We took the Underground from London to Heathrow Airport where we picked up the car we had hired. It was a so-called ‘Mini car’ and after the unnecessary issues with the Credit Card were sorted out, we finally left the London area at around 5pm, going west towards the Cotswolds. Of course we wanted to save the money for a navigation system, after all we have our phones… still, two city girls, one car and google maps in the middle of nowhere, not the best idea. I think we can call ourselves lucky that it only took us an hour longer than planned to arrive at our home for the weekend. The Mousetrap Inn does not only have a cute name, it also is very cute, our room was small, clean, all we needed.
Our first morning started with a good, free, english Breakfast. After that we went for a stroll in the beautiful town of Bourton on the water. To describe it in a few words: clean, pretty, ‘dollhouse-like’, ducks and tea houses. After having lived in London for a while now it surprised be the most how quite it was.
After we were done with our walk around, we started driving around. Without an agenda it was nice just to let go and see what we feel like. We stopped here and there to lie down and read until we found sheep that really excited us so we had a little  photo shooting.IMG_4544
After a little nap back in the B&B we went into the local pub for some beers. We were confused why everyone was already drunk at 9pm, the reason, as we found out a bit later, was that the pub closed at 11pm. Actually, not just this pub, but everything in this little town was closed at 11pm the latest. The couple of hours we had in the pub were still very nice, there was live music and the drinks were super cheap!IMG_4477
With a little hangover, we spent Saturday in Cheltenham. It was nice but nothing too special. In the afternoon we drove back to another very pretty town, close to Bourton on the Water, called Stow on the Wold. This, like Bourton on the Water, had this special flair, small and quite, pretty houses and just peaceful.
On our way back to London the next day we stopped in Oxford. We had actually planned to have a look at the University but once we arrived in Oxford we were too hungry and tired. So we just took a little walk to the next restaurant and had lunch.

This trip was exactly what I needed, as there was a lot of spontaneity, reading, relaxing, nature and an easy night/evening out.

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  1. Hi Jenn !! I’ve just stumbled across your blog from your Facebook page and had to leave a comment .. Bourton-on-the-Water is about 10-15mins from where we live !! Crazy small world 🙂 glad you enjoyed the Cotswolds !


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