Meet my 14 personalities!

2013-04-18 20.39.19
Today I would like to introducing you to someone! A bunch of people actually, please meet my 14 personalities:

1. The Traveller
2. The Workaholic
3. The Optimist
4. The Extrovert
5. The Settler
6. The Nature-lover
7. The Artist
8. The Daughter
9. The Sister
10. The Thinker
11. The Restless
12. The Friend
13. The Athlete
14. The Materialist

Why 14? Well this number is a random number. It is a number that popped into my head that one day in Australia when I tried to explain (to myself and others) who I was. I tried to make sense out of so many things, that just wouldn’t make sense. So I came up with an explanation that made sense to me.
You can call it personalities, or pieces of you, or whatever you like. Fact is, I am pretty sure most of us have them. Maybe not 14. Maybe rather 10 or 22. Also that doesn’t matter. What matters is that there is more than one opinion in us, more than one idea, more than one ‘I’. It is our life long task to make as much sense out of all those different personalities inside us as possible, to ultimately be happy.
Usually at least one, if not even more, of my personalities feel neglected. That doesn’t feel good. But how are you supposed to be a traveller and settle down at the same time. How do you wanna be an artist and still be able to buy pretty things, how do you wanna be a workaholic and still be a good friend? I think it is part of getting older and wiser to actually prioritize that list. Mine is not prioritized yet. I still try to have it all. And I am not planning to give up. I want it all. And the optimist inside of me still believes that this is possible. As my great-grandmother used to say: Do everything in the right dimension. I don’t have to be an artist to do art. I don’t have to constantly be on the run to be a traveller.
I am still looking for my right mix. The perfect composition of all of those people inside of me. So that not one of them feels unwanted. Because I am happy to have every single one of them. They make me who I am.

2 thoughts on “Meet my 14 personalities!

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  1. Thanks lovely Jenn for sharing your thoughts. I quite enjoy reading your articles. I’d probably add another personality to your list. Thats ‘writer/blogger’ 😉

    1. Thanks Svenja! Glad you enjoy reading what I write! 🙂 And yes ‘The Writer’ is not in the list, I kind of tried to include it in the ‘The Artist’ point, as my list would have taken impossible dimensions otherwise 😀

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