5 Tips on how to make your dreams come true

IMG_2369Are you never scared?
Which thoughts do I have to avoid to be able to follow my dreams?
Is it not difficult?

What’s the long-term plan?
How do you start, what are the first steps to realising your dreams?

I have heard all those questions quite often in the last one and a half years, basically since I decided to move to London after graduation, to make my dream, that sounded so easy: Living in London, come true.  My friends and family have been coming to me, trying to understand me. They were either concerned, I might not be able to handle reality once it hit me or they wanted to know how I do it to get tips on how to make their own dreams come true.
Since, so far, I have always been able to handle reality once it dawned on me, I thought I’d share some tips with you on how I follow my dreams. Just keep in mind: I am not an expert, I am just fearless, which, even though it mostly works out for me, still isn’t always the best thing to be. Because, yes, it is hard and yes I have times where I doubt everything and myself and the world. But I refuse to let those feelings take over. I much rather let my life be driven by as much positive energy as I can find.

1. Look for a dream that really excites you!
Sounds easy, but really, it is not. You have to find something that you would give up everything for. Something that makes you smile just thinking about it. Anything that just feels right for YOU, yes you might even have to be, lets call it egoistic, to figure out what it is that you want, independent from others.
I think I have mentioned it before, I love planning. I usually have something to look forward to and I love it! Dreams are wonderful. For me those dreams are not always the one big dream that I have to realise, sometimes those dreams are just milestones. Thoughts to hold on to till the next one comes along. But usually, at some point you just know, you know that this is the dream you really want to realise and that’s when you seriously start planning.

2. Make a plan
Looking forward to something is one thing. Planning to do something another. Planning can be hard and involve things you don’t like. When I moved to London I had to find out how the whole health insurance works here, I had to find a bank, a GP, a flat, and oh yeah a job. I am not a fan of most of those things. But since it was part of my plan, to realise my dream, I knew I had to do it and some of it ended up being fun, as, after all, a bit of reality makes it feel real. And what better thing is there than your dream becoming reality?

3. Don’t plan to far ahead
I know I just said you have to plan. And I stand by it. But it can also be poisonous to think too far ahead. Stick to the stuff that you need to think about in order to realise your dream, not much more. When I moved to London quite a few people asked me if this is for ever or how long I will stay or what I will do if I don’t find a job. You know what I told them? I don’t know! I mean I had an idea of a plan B or plan C and it did help having the security of crashing at moms and dads place if everything goes wrong. But still, I think it was good not to plan to far ahead, because you never know what happens.

4. Don’t look at the things that might go wrong
It might come across as ‘living in a bubble’ or ‘on a little purple cloud’, but really, give me one good reason to focus on things that could go wrong. I tend not to think about stuff that might not work out. Yes sure, after moving to London I could have realised after 2 month that I am too homesick or that London actually sucks, but the possibility of finding those things out should not stop you to follow your dream. It is good to be aware of thing that might go wrong, yes, but just don’t think about it too much!

5. Don’t listen to other people’s concerns
Especially if the dream that you want to follow is not the most ‘normal’, the people around you, friends, friends of friends, family will have an opinion. It is nice to listen to those opinions, but don’t let them freak you out. They might just not understand that this is your dream, the thing that you are excited about, because they will most likely have other dreams that they are excited about. So don’t let them stop you.

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