Monday_1What is wrong with this day? Back when I was studying I never understood how the ‘working people’ would always complain about that super mean Monday. Why is this one day so much worse than any other day of the week? I didn’t understand. Now I do. I have been working full-time almost one and a half years now. When people ask me on a Monday how I am my answer is not: ‘I am fine, how about you?’ or ‘I am ok and you?’. The only answer I give is: ‘Monday’. It is no longer just a day, it is a condition, an attitude. It is a bit like being part of a club. The ‘we hate Mondays club’. That kind of makes it nice again. Lets all fight together, against this worst of all days.
Yes I am ranting on about this day. Today was another one of these bad ones. And I have to say, I have tried to fight it a lot in the past, ‘Happy Monday’ was an honest greeting coming out of my mouth on several occasions. I tried to make fun of it, so that it wouldn’t make fun of us. And it worked,  sometimes. But only sometimes. Other times Monday wins. And there is nothing I can do about it, apart from looking forward to that well deserved glass of wine in the evening to celebrate that we have survived yet another – Monday.

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