Bali – Canggu, Uluwatu and Kuta


If you want to learn surfing in Bali, I think this is the place to be. It is not too busy, one of the cheaper places and it is just really nice. I ended up not surfing here, but I did the other thing that Bali is famous for which is Yoga. I was just in a state of mind at the time that anything with too much action didn’t quite feel right, so I spent my days sleeping in, hanging out on the beach, reading and doing  yoga. It was amazing. First I was staying at ‘The Temple’ which was lovely, a great budget hostel with very nice staff and usually a nice group of people hanging out at the porch.


Once my wish to have a more calm time got stronger I moved into the Serenity Guesthouse. They have one really nice dorm and a bunch of private rooms, a pool, they offer yoga and breakfast was included. The atmosphere is really super quite, so don’t expect any partying when you come here.



After I had spent a bit over a week in Canggu I felt like it was time for a change of scenery. Uluwatu in the south of Bali is another surfer hot spot. This was the view from my hotel room:


I had seen monkeys before on my trip, but this time I managed to take a photo 🙂




I only spent my last few Bali days in Kuta. It was good to do some shopping, I had lost my flip-flops a couple of days before and in Kuta I finally found nice new ones. I was staying at the Kayun Hostel Downtown which was amazing. It is in the middle of everything, so yes it can get noisy at night, but the staff was friendly, the rooms clean, there was a TV area and a little pool. The bathrooms were not always super clean, but still ok and the included breakfast was small but yummy.


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