CHIT-CHAT #1 – The New Year

It is 2018, whoop whoop! I actually enjoy the start of a new year! This year especially is promising to be a good one. I have set myself all the resolutions and am super motivated to stick to at least some of them. One of my resolutions is, to write more blogposts and actually upload them, this is why I am starting this new series. This year I will regularly upload a so called “Chit-Chat” where I don’t feel pressured too much about what I write and just go with what comes to mind.

So why don’t we just stick to resolutions for today? Another resolution for me is, to eat healthier and cook more (aka. stop being lazy and ordering junk food all the time). It is a good thing that I gave my boyfriend the Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients Quick & Easy cookbook for Christmas, the recipes are foolproof and so yummy.


Jamie Oliver Quick and Easy

We don´t have to go to three different supermarkets to find specific ingredients anymore and we are not constantly overwhelmed by the length of our shopping list, which makes it so much easier and less stressful to cook and eat kinda healthy and fresh. And even though the internet is full of lovely recipes as well, when you are desperate for some inspiration and don’t even know what to look for, a good old book full of great ideas is the thing you need.

Jamie Oliver Quick and Easy

What are some of your New Years resolutions?






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