3 Books you should read this summer

Stuffocation – James Wallman


We live in a consumer society in which bigger and more is better. But how much stuff do we actually need? What is too little, what is too much? James Wallman looks at many different approaches and tries to find a realistic solution for a better future. Really inspiring read!


Get Your Sh*t Together – Sarah Knight


After loving “The Life changing magic of not giving a f**k” by Sarah Knight it wasn’t a big surprise that I ended up loving this one too. A fun guide to improving your life while making it easy to laugh about yourself. A mix of funny anecdotes and practical tipps give me a motivation-boost every time I pick this book up – and read a few chapters (cause -spoiler – just picking it up will not be enough).



1984 – George Orwell

A classic for sure and one of my favorite novels ever. Published in 1949 it is now more relevant than ever. Set in 1984, the world population have become victims of omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation, I got the impression, that some of those ideas must have been inspired by todays society.


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