August Favorites

Stand Up Paddling

For years I wanted to try Stand Up Paddling and somehow it never happened. A few weeks ago I finally got the chance to give it a go and I really liked it. The Alster in Hamburg is super busy when the weather is nice, but I actually quite enjoyed that.




I have been doing Yoga on and off for about ten years now. I visited classes and did it alone at home with the help of YouTube videos. At the moment I am doing a ten week class which I really enjoy, I learned so much already, my breathing has improved and I started to embrace the slow pace of Yoga. While it feels amazing for my body, it is my mind that really profits from those 90 minutes every week. If you feel restless and unstable, I would really recommend trying a Yoga class, as it will force you to stay in the moment and relax for what would usually feel like a very long time!


Wedding planning


Planning a wedding can be stressful, but my fiancé and I have made a conscious effort to keep it chill. Our Wedding will be very intimate, and we just want it to be a nice day for everyone. Since it will be such a small wedding, some of the decisions seem to be even harder, but I think we are on a good way and I love researching everything. At the moment I am especially looking forward to wedding dress shopping. Yay!

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