Almost a year ago I moved from a small town south of Hamburg to London. Since then I get that: ‘Why London?’ question quite a lot. That’s why I decided to make a list:

1. The Markets
What? Markets? There are loads of pretty markets in other cities, why would this be special about London? Yes, true, but still one of the main reasons for me to move here, and I know this is a bit silly, were the London Markets. There is nothing like Camden any day of the week or Brick Lane Market on Sundays. The flare is unique and the food is amazing.

2. The People
Most people you meet in London are not actually from London, or England in that matter, that is what makes it special. We all came here for different reasons and we all have interesting stories to share. Most people are super open which makes it easy to find new friends when you are new in the city.

3. The Parks
London is a huge city. To get that bit of nature here and there the parks are an essential part of London’s awesomeness. If it is Hampstead Heath or Hyde Park, Victoria Park or London Fields, the list is long. That’s why  one of my favourite things to do on a weekend is, to grab a bike and find a way to the next park. You won’t be disappointed

4. The Opportunities
Apart from London being a financial metropolis, there are so many opportunities around, be it in the creative industry from film to art or anything else. There is almost nothing you can’t do in London quite overwhelming to be honest.

5. The Inspiration
Combining the People and the Opportunities in London makes it such an inspiring place. I live in East London and there is not a day that goes by without me seeing a crazy dressed person or any kind of street art. If that’s not inspiring, what is?

6. The Sights
Yes even though you don’t go to London’s sights every day when you live here they are still there and still pretty. And once in a while it is amazing to go for a stroll to Tower Bridge or around the House of Parliament and just realise that you live in London, one of the most amazing cities in the world.

7. The Proximity to everything in Europe
I have lived here almost a year now, and eve though I lived close to Hamburg before, which is just as close to everything, I have never before travelled this much.  Every other weekend I go somewhere else, because it is just an hour flight away. And our pounds are quite amazingly swapped for a hell of a lot more euros.

8. The Tube
I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of the tube. But in the end of the day it is there, it gets me anywhere in London within approx 30 minutes!

Questions? Additions? Please let me know! Comment!

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