The topic of minimalism has become more and more popular in the last few years, everyone loves to “Marie Kondo” their life. I have always enjoyed tidying and sorting out, to have too many things has always been stressing me out, especially since traveling around the world with just my backpack and the things I could carry.

A while back I read this book by James Wallman, Stuffocation: Living More with Less*, he searches for a realistic solution to an omnipresent problem, the problem of people getting more and more overwhelmed by their stuff. We live in a consumer society, grown up in a time where more is more. This results in too much stuff. We are being  crushed by the things that surround us, things that we keep buying. This doesn’t only make our environment sick, but also us.

I am assuming, that most of us know the feeling, the closet is overflowing, the kitchen cupboard won’t close, the basement is not even accessible anymore. But once we manage to declutter, even just a little bit, we feel so much better.

This is why, at every corner people seem to be looking for alternatives to consumerism. Minimalists do this, by getting rid of everything. They count the amount of things they own and celebrate how small that number is. Another group are the ‘Back to Basics’, they knit, grow their own vegetables, bake, cook…

Wallman discusses whether these or other ways of life are suited for the masses and could replace our current consumerist values. He shows different examples of people, who managed to find another way of life. An inspiration to everyone who is interested in this topic.

Material things only make us happy for a very short amount of time, whereas experiences get more valuable over time. There is a reason for the whole “buy memories not things” trend. What do you think? Do you feel like you have to many things or are you already on top of the minimalism game?


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