Bucket List


Since I started blogging I have read quite a few Bucket Lists, after reading World of Wanderlust’s List and  Optimistic Kid’s List I decided to finally write my own ‘Never ending Bucket List’. It will be edited as I go so it is not even close to complete yet. Here we go:

1. Travel through South America
2. Take the Hurricane Turn in Alaska
3. See Vancouver
4. Go Bungee Jumping
5. Backpack through South East Asia
6. Travel through Africa
7. Go Mountain biking  in Sweden
8. Travel through Finland
9. Write a Book
10. Go free climbing
11. Get my diving license
12. See Russia
13. Travel with the Trans Siberian Express
14. Visit San Francisco
15. Explore New York
16. Go on a road trip through Canada
17. Do a Four Wheel Drive road trip through West Australia
18. Skydive (again)
19. Go to the Burning Man Festival
20. Work and live in a ski resort for a whole season
21. Climb/hike up a high mountain
22. See the Northern Lights
23. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
24. Learn another language till I am fluent
25. Visit Disney Land
26. See a Cirque Du Soleil Show
27. Go to the Oktoberfest in Munich
28. Learning to Surf like a pro
…to be continued

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