When I was at Uni, I loved planning and setting goals and dreaming about my future.

Recently I feel like I was a bit lost. I didn’t really have any specific dreams or wishes for the future to work towards. Now this could be an amazing place to be in, goals achieved and just happy with what I have. Wait, did I actually succeed at the whole living in the moment thing??

Well, yes, that is nice, but at the same time, I am a person, who needs a goal, I need something, anything to look forward to. And obviously all these ‘problems’ are just in my head, there is always something to look forward to, you just have to remind yourself and set goals.

I will be honest, I used to overdo it and only live for those goals, while forgetting about the here and now. But that doesn’t mean, the best way to go, is not to have any goals at all, right?

While having too many big plans and wishes put a lot of pressure on me, which usually results in total denial and giving up on life, having no plans makes me feel meh as well.

So today I sat down, and made a list of tips on how to handle goals and dreams, without getting overwhelmed and without feeling meh.

Start off, by writing all your goals/ideas down. Anything you might like to achieve this year, next year or just in general. Try to be realistic, it is fair enough to dream about being the next Beyoncé, but let’s be honest, how big are the chances of getting there by the end of the year?

To actually write these wishes and ideas down and visualize them, will help you to clear up your head and focus on what’s important.

Because now you can prioritize. Look at your goals and sort them by importance and urgency. When you do this, keep in mind what you can influence yourself and what you need help with. If I, for example, want to write a book, I might need support from someone who has done it before, if I want to start working out 2 times a week, I could do it by myself.

Now you need to break down your goals into small actionable steps. To see those big goals in front of you can be quite daunting. By breaking them down you will know exactly what to do, when you have some spare time or energy and don’t have to stare at that big goal for half an hour panicking about how you ever thought you could reach it.

Having those small steps will help you to not constantly freak out about the future and it will make it easier to stay here, now. Dream big about the future and use everyday to work towards it, while still enjoying every day and appreciating what you have.

Yeah, that’s not gonna be easy, do you have any additional tips on how to live your best life and keep motivated?



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