I love traveling alone. Stepping into a new city for the first time and knowing that I can explore whatever I want, however I want – getting lost, being alone with my thoughts is just one of the greatest things in the world.

But also it can be very lonely at times. Here are a few things I did, when solo travel just didn’t feel like the best of times:

  1. This one is quite obvious, but it has to be on here: Do stuff! Rent a scooter, take a surf course, sign up for a tour where you might meet other people – just get out and do something new!
  2. Change up your accommodation. For example, if you are traveling through Asia, hotels and single rooms can be quite affordable. If you feel lonely, make sure to check into a hostel: shared rooms, shared common spaces, these are the places to meet people without even trying too hard.
  3. Try to enjoy the time that you have alone. Think of things that you usually don’t have enough time or opportunity to do, like reading, writing, going for walks or whatever you can think of. Change it up, do an activity one day, spend the next day reading on the beach.

And most importantly, take one day at a time, don’t panic thinking ‘oh no, if I already feel alone now, this whole trip will be so lonely’. When you are traveling, every day will be different, there will be days alone, there will be group adventures. As long as you are open for new experience, don’t worry and enjoy.

Did you ever feel alone while traveling? Do you have any tipps?


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