I started my business a year ago and it has mostly been going better than expected. But any freelancer will know, there are times when you don’t know where to start because there is so much to do and there are times when you start feeling like everything is coming to an end as nobody seems to need your services.

Now I am sure, that if I would spend some more time and learn more about facebook ads I might be able to make it work for me. But for my first ever experience with the service I have to say, it was a disaster.

I posted the ad for four days. First, nothing happened. Then I started receiving messages. Not only were most of those not written in any language I could actually understand, but the ones I did understand were middle aged men asking me out for coffee. When I asked if this was work related – well it wasn’t.

But the whole thing really reached it’s peak, when one of the lovely guys asked, whether I would like to see a pic of his private parts. Well let’s just say he never waited for my reply and just sent a photo anyways…

What can I say. I know I am not the only woman on the internet who has received such a photo. I just can’t help but ask myself what people are thinking! I mean did he really think I would text him back asking him to hook up? And how does anyone think it is ok to send these kinds of things around in the internet? I mean I could see his facebook profile, it was not like it was a completely anonymous message. What has our world come to?

I guess it was partly my fault, right? I mean what was I thinking, putting out an ad with a photo of my face on it. I was basically asking for it, wasn’t I? For those who didn’t get that bit of irony right there: no, I was not asking for it. I was trying to make people aware of my ver professional marketing services, I didn’t ask for this and I don’t think this is ok.

Have you ever experienced something like this? 



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