I usually don’t like to label myself, but I guess when it comes down to it, I might be considered a minimalist. Now for me this doesn’t mean only having 100 things in my possession, it means only having in my life what I either need or like. Not more.

Whenever I went traveling for an extended amount of time living out of my backpack was one of my favorite parts. I took that mindset home and I love continuously sorting through my things and deciding what I actually need.

Here are three things you can do right now, if you want to start living a more minimalist life:

  1. Turn your clothes hangers around. Every time you use a thing, you can turn the hanger back around. All the clothes on hangers that are still the wrong way around after 6 months (or if you feel more comfortable this way 12 months) need to go. You don’t need them.
  2. Take a box, go through your flat and put everything you see, that is of no use or does not bring you joy into it. Now you can either toss all this stuff straight out (or sell it) or you can put it in storage for a while. If you never  reach for it, you can get rid of it later. This way it will get a bit easier to let go.
  3. Whenever you are thinking of buying something –  don’t. Put whatever you want to buy on a wishlist and revisit it two weeks later. If you still want/need it, you can get it. But give yourself those two weeks to cool off from the shopping buzz.

If you are looking for a good book I can highly recommend Stuffocation by James Wallman.

Do you consider yourself a minimalist? Do you have any tipps to add.




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