When I was younger I loved to think about what my life would look like in 5 or 10 years. Whenever my friends and I spoke about ‘being grown up’ we thought we’d definitely be there by 30. I mean to be 30 years old – you have to have your shit together right? Well, what does that even mean? There are a few things I learned ‘growing up’ and maybe the most important thing is, that you don’t really ever have to actually ‘grow up’. I consider it to be much healthier to stay as ‘young’ as you possibly can. Still that is so much easier, when your finances are in check. So here are a few of my top tipps to saving money.

Analyse your spendings

What a bummer, first tipp and already you have to ‘analyse’. I am sorry. But this is essential. If you don’t know what you are spending your money on, you don’t know where you can save. So write it down – everything. Now you can ¬†identify which things you might be able to cut out without giving everything up that you enjoy. Be realistic.

Pay yourself first

Now that you know what you spend your money on and where you can save some money make sure to transfer the amount you want to save every month first. Don’t do the whole “I will save what I have left at the end of the month” thing – it doesn’t work.

Set yourself an achievable goal

Seeing that number, that you want to reach come closer and closer every month is a sure motivator for me. Give it a try! It feels almost like a game where you want to reach the next level and have to come up with ideas on how to make or save some extra cash.

Get creative

Your basement is full of stuff you never use? Sell it.
You have some extra time on your hand? Offer your services as a dog walker, plant carer, lawn mower…
Try investing your money, start small, see if you like it (don’t risk losing all your money straight away pleas!)

Know what you are saving for

My most successful ‘saving-phases’ where when it had a purpose. When I was working toward my gap year in Australia or for my trip to south-east Asia a few years later. It was so much easier to make some sacrifices, as I kew what for. ¬†Are you planning on buying your first flat? Do you need a new bike, or is it the trip of a lifetime that you are working towards? Make sure you are reminded of it as often as you can. Change your phone screen to a photo of your goal, put up post-its or photos around your flat, don’t forget what you. are working towards.

These are just a few of my most used and most realistic tipps. For me, the times that I am. saving up for something I still want to live, socialize and treat myself once in a while, which is why I try to really set achievable goals.


What are your top tipps to save some cash and what are you currently trying to save for?


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