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Planning a wedding is stressful. This is no news to you? Well it was for me. I knew that it CAN be stressful, I just thought that if you approach it in a really relaxed way it would be a breeze. But no. In the end you are still organizing an event for friends and family that you want everybody to enjoy. An emotional event nonetheless and I am a very emotional person. There are a lot of decisions to be made before the big day, so here are a few things that we learned in the process. 

My main rule was, that we would not fight about any wedding related decisions. And even though that didn’t quite work out all of the time, I still think it was a good rule. It kept us grounded and always questioning what was more important, our individual opinion or the bigger picture.

We had 30 guests at our wedding, a mix of friends and family. Our vision was a ‘weekend in the countryside’ where our wedding is just one part of a nice relaxed weekend. 

Here are a few key points that that I think are worth thinking about: 

Top Tipps

1. The Location

The Location is usually one of the first things you have to check out. Once you have decided on the approximate size of your wedding you can start looking.  Make sure that you book a location that is experienced in weddings and will be able to help you out rather than cause you more stress.

2. Timline

When we planned our wedding it was most important for us, that our guests wouldn’t have to wait for us for a long time, so we had the ceremony at 4pm, then some time for a first drink and the photos and dinner started at 6pm.

3. Plan your photos in advance

Since we did not have a lot of time for our photos we made sure to plan in advance, especially all the different groups (his family, her family, everyone, him with mom and dad…). Write a list and give it to your photographer, that way you don’t habe to come up with anything on the spot. 

And some more things to think about:


For the food we decided to go with a menu. As we only had 30 guests it felt nicer to have everyone seated at the same time and not moving around the whole time. It was important to us, that the food is really good and the drinks are included, so a big portion of our budget went into these things.



When we started planning we were not sure, whether we wanted to hire a DJ. We thought it might feel invasive as we were not that many people. We ended up booking a DJ anyway, and we could’t be happier about that decision. You don’t want to be thinking about what song to play next and how to keep everyone happy on your wedding day, neither should one of the guests have that responsibility. We danced all night and it was one of my favorite parts of our wedding. 



Our Location had just been renovated and was just our esthetic, so we knew we didn’t have to go crazy with decoration. We concentrated on a few main things, my mum built us a birch arc for the ceremony and we crafted the menu and name cards ourselves.   

What are your main wedding planning tipps? 

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