Leaving London

Streetart London
When I moved to London, I read a lot of articles and blog posts about how awesome London is and how to best settle in, what to do, what not to do and so forth. That was amazing and definitely made my arrival and my time in London easier.
But for what I did now, there wasn’t a lot of preparation. How does it feel and how do you prepare yourself for leaving London? Continue reading

8 things I love about Chrismas

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I went Christmas shopping today and it was quite unsuccessful to be honest. I have been in Christmas mood for a couple of weeks now, but just didn’t feel like getting into the Christmas gift shopping madness yet. Why no? Well I came up with a few good reasons: No time and no money are the top two. On top of that I suck at coming up with awesome gift ideas which doesn’t help with my motivation. And also, why is Christmas all of a sudden so commercial, only about buying presents, isn’t it supposed to be about love, family, friends?
Here is a little list of things I love about Christmas: Continue reading

5 Tips on how to make your dreams come true

IMG_2369Are you never scared?
Which thoughts do I have to avoid to be able to follow my dreams?
Is it not difficult?

What’s the long-term plan?
How do you start, what are the first steps to realising your dreams?

I have heard all those questions quite often in the last one and a half years, basically since I decided to move to London after graduation, to make my dream, that sounded so easy: Living in London, come true.  Continue reading

Writing as a hobby and one of the hardest things to do

2014-09-20 01.45.29Hey there! I have so many things to write about. My head is full of ideas, my draft box is bursting. I have started to write 6 Blog posts today. But they don’t want to be finished let alone published yet. Not one of them feels really right today. Those 6 drafts might never be published, I am still happy I started them. But why is it so hard for me to publish things I write? I have never been the most outgoing person in social networks. For me, every article I post is still a display of me, my soul, something very private and vulnerable. Continue reading

A weekend in the british countryside – Bourton on the Water

IMG_4468 - Kopie
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my difficulties in planning to travel. I wanted to go on a ‘Country Side Adventure’ with a friend of mine and had to leave most of the planning to her as it is really hard for me to decide on a Hotel or even Town before being there.
I just returned for this trip and it was amazing. The planning my fried did for us paid out! The Bed and Breakfast we stayed in was so cute and just a little stroll away from the town centre.
But lets start at the beginning: We took the Underground from London to Heathrow Continue reading