About six years ago I spent a 24 hrs stopover in Singapore. I did a sightseeing tour and to be honest, I wasn’t impressed. So on this trip I was determined to give it a second chance – and it was worth it.
Frankly, I think about everything has changed in this city within the last six years, nothing seems to be a day older than five years.  The Marina Bay Sands, built in 2010, was not there, last time I was in Singapore. This fact makes me feel super old.

Not only all the new stuff I could check out made me see Singapore in a new light but also this: I was lucky enough to have worked with amazing colleagues in the past and one of them opened her door and guest bedroom in Singapore for me. This really made such a difference to me, I felt so wholeheartedly welcome, my hosts were so nice, how could Singapore not score some points like this.

After a first very welcoming evening out for dinner and some drinks with a group of friends of my colleague I spent one day just wandering about, checking out China Town and ticking off the main tourist sights.

The next day we went for a walk in a treetop walkway, followed by a visit to a very high building to capture the city from above. 

To wrap up the day I went to the gardens by the bay, a botanic garden at it’s finest.

There was this mountain in a kind of green house, that was full of beautiful flowers and a waterfall.

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