I had been in Thailand for a bit over two weeks now and haven’t seen a beach yet, this screams for a change of scenery: Off to the islands.

I booked a flight from Chiang Mai to Surat Thani with Air Asia, even though I was a bit sceptical about this airline, I can now wholeheartedly say, I like Air Asia. They are cheap and their service is great. Why? Here is the story:
I must have been in complete holiday mode when I packed my stuff, because after checking in my luggage and when trying to get through security to my gate, the lady there told me I had a knife in my hand luggage.
Yes, I had forgotten to put my pocket knife into my main luggage that, at this point, was already checked in. I love this knife and didn’t want to leave it behind, so lucky me, everyone at the airport and from the airline was super helpful. They told me to go back to the check in counter to see what we can do. The Air Asia lady there asked me to go to the postoffice (which was literally 2m from where I was standing, so no big  trouble) to get a box for my knife, after it was all packed they just checked that box in as an extra piece of luggage at no extra cost. I was able to board my plane in time and my luggage and my knife arrived safely in Surat Thani with me. Yay.

Koh Pha-Ngan

Straight from the Airport in Surat Thani I booked a Bus/Ferry combi ticket to get to Koh Pha-Ngan.

I arrived in the evening and was happy that I had already booked a bungalow right by the beach, at a place where two girls I had met in north Thailand already waited for me.  The beach was not very nice, a lot of rocks, which made it hard to go swimming, still the place had a nice restaurant at the water and the view was amazing. It was a perfect get away to relax and do some yoga.
To explore the island the girls and I hired a Jeep for a day, we checked out some really nice beaches and found out that Koh Pha-Ngan is actually not that big. 🙂

After I spent two nights in the bungalow I moved into a hostel close by. The price was half of what I was paying before and the Vagabond Hostel was so much cleaner and more social than the bungalow. The 6 bed dorm had an AC and everyone was super friendly. Especially for people travelling alone I can really recommend this place!

Koh Tao

Koh Tao is the smallest of the three islands (Koh Pha-Ngan, Koh Samui and Koh Tao) and famous for its diving.
Since I didn’t dive on Koh Tao to save my precious travel budget I spent my days walking around the island (one day even hiking about 10km in my flip-flops, just to see another beach in the south of the island).

Every evening there were fire shows at the beach, which I loved, it fascinates me how the guys move and juggle while having the most bored look on their faces.

There was a  festival on Koh Tao while I was there to promote the environmental protection of Koh Tao’s ocean. The decoration at the festival was amazing, everything was made with such an eye for detail. They prepared information about the threats to the environment, especially the ocean, and in the evening DJ’s and live music started the party.

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