I reached Koh Phi Phi by taking a ferry from Krabi on the west coast from Thailand. Koh Phi Phi is a tiny island without cars, that I loved. I could walk everywhere and there was no traffic noises which made it feel so relaxed.

The reason I went to Koh Phi Phi is that the Maya Bay sleep aboard tour starts from here. I booked this trip, because my flatmate from London did it last year and really made me want to go too. In the end, she and my London friends gave the trip to me as a goodbye present, which I am still unbelievable thankful for. Especially since I was already in the budget travellers ‘saving every cent and only doing cheap stuff’ mindset and might have ended up not doing this trip because it was slightly more expensive than what I would usually have paid for something like this. So thanks again to my dear friend and lets gooo:

On the way to Maya Bay the boat drove us past these caves and we went snorkeling and kayaking. With a little boat we then arrived at the famous Maya Bay. What is it famous for you might ask? This is the spot where the movie ‘The Beach’ with Leonardo DiCaprio was shot back in the year 2000.

We stayed at the beach during the sun set until we were the only people left there. We had a nice dinner and some drinks. At 11pm we returned to our boat and went snorkeling with the plankton. This was an amazing experience, swimming in the dark water and seeing everything around me shine like little fireflies when I moved. It is impossible to take photos of it, so you will just have to belive me when I tell you: it was pretty cool.  🙂

After a wobbly night on board we returned to the beach for some daylight photos and for the seasick people to recover.

After that we had breakfast on board on our way back to beautiful Koh Phi Phi. This trip was an amazing experience and from what I have heard from other travellers who did other tours to Maya Bay, this is really the best way to see it. The chance to be alone on this usually tourist overloaded beach and also the plankton snorkeling in the middle of the night were unbeatable plus points for this tour.

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