When I plan a trip, I don’t usually think about all the things that could go wrong. I just prepare whatever I think is necessary and expect the best. So usually I just freak out really briefly right before the trip. This time was no exception and I worried that my expectations for South East Asia were too high and could never be met or that I would end up not finding any travel buddies and just be alone for 3 months.
Today, 3 days into my trip, I can already say, those worries were unnecessary.


I arrived in Bangkok on Friday evening, walking through the Khao San area at night made me fall in love with this city immediately! The atmosphere, the heat, the people, the street food (Pad Thai – amazing) just everything screamed: welcome, please relax and explore!

My guesthouse, the Wild Orchid Villa, that I booked because a friend had recommended it to me, is super nice, clean, central but quiet, my room has an AC (priceless down here, honestly) and the WiFi is included.

Tuk Tuk

On my first full day in Bangkok I wanted to just stroll around without a specific goal and soak in the culture. But the very persistent Tuk Tuk drivers had another plan for me. So I ended up driving around the city with Chalee, my driver, who brought me to see the big Buddha, the lucky Buddha and the happy Buddha. 🙂

The ride was as cheap as it could get, but of course, I tripped into the tourist trap and he brought me to a few random shops where he gets commission for dropping of tourists.

Floating Market

A bit outside of Bangkok, the Floating Market is definitely worth seeing. Driving along the river, first with a motor boat then with a paddle boat and being harassed by vendors on boats was an adventure. My first coconut ice cream was a revelation and will definitely not have been my last one.

Ping Pong

What can I say about this one? Not much really. It is one of those “should do’s” while in Thailand. Before I came here I had heard about this – sport? and I wasn’t sure if I would want to go and see it. But surround me with a fun group of people, excited to go, I was not gonna say no! Curiosity should always win!
Six travellers ended up taking two Tuk Tuks and surviving a Tuk Tuk race that made me think “this is not what friends and family back home meant with: be careful!” Well, we did arrive and entered the dodgy establishment. I don’t wanna go into too much detail, but just to give you an idea, this kind of Ping Pong is played by naked women on a stage, shooting Ping Pong balls with their lady parts into buckets.  It was mostly awkward and weird to watch, an experience that I can now once and for all tick off my bucket list.



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